We are a Youth NGO created

 by young people & for young people.

We try to encourage the active

participation of  young people .

The main idea is to promote intercultural dialogue,

create partnerships between youth organizations  from different

European countries and to promote social inclusion.

Our activities include: non-formal education courses, training courses, seminars,

summer volunteering camps,  environmental and green campaigns.

We mainly work in the framework of Youth in Action Program. 

The target group of our organisation are young people of 18-35 years old. 

The membership is open to all young people who are motivated and want

to share their own knowledge with others,
 as well as to experience new                                                   

cultures and develop their knowledge about European values.


"To Unite Young People of Different Cultures and
 Religions, to Promote Cultural Diversity,
to Encourage Volunteerism, to Create New
Opportunities for Youth".

Let's Build our future Europe !!!
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